Changing Organisational Culture

Agile adoption is fundamentally a mindset and cultural change that is ongoing and permanent. Successful organisations are those that prepare for the inevitable tensions that arise. We can help your wider organisation treat impediments as opportunities for continuous improvement.
Agile Project Management

Planning your Agile Transformation

Different organisations have different needs in terms of Agile. Higher levels of Agile fluency demand greater investment, but organisations need to balance costs and benefits to decide exactly what level to shoot for.  Emerald Hill Limited can help your organisation to assess its needs and capabilities, and then make decisions as to its next steps on its Agile journey.
Accelerating Agile Development course

Scaling with Scrum

Scaling is the adding of teams to product development when the rate of delivery of business-valued features is too much for a single team. The difficulty of maintaining a common vision across teams (which may be distributed geographically) and maintaining high levels of collaboration to deal with technical dependencies raises special issues. Scrum has always been 'scalable', but the best way to achieve scale is always situational: different for different organisations in different contexts. Our consultants have wide experience of scaling with Scrum - including working on the largest  Agile software development in history: 100+ teams on a single product! This experience and know-how is available to you through Emerald Hill. Contact us today!

Train Agile Leaders with SAFe 4.5

Scaling frameworks are a hot topic - especially for large organisations who see a need to fit Agile into existing management hierarchies - though are not necessarily needed to deliver 'big' products. SAFe (Scaling Agile Framework) 4.5  is the most popular of these frameworks. Emerald Hill's fully qualified SPC4 consultants can train your managers and Agile leaders through the SAFe Academy's 2-day "Leading SAFe" course which in turns leads to the SAFe Agilist certification.
At Emerald Hill Limited, we also offer consultancy services to help you decide whether a scaling framework such as SAFe 4.5 is appropriate for you.. Contact our team for more information on agile transformation, and how to train Agile leaders . You can also enrol with us for the Leading SAFe course and SAfe Agilist certification exam. 
Agile certified practitioner
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