Agile Assessment

Building an Agile Capability in Your Organisation

Assessing Your Teams' Agile Fluency

The long-term success of Agile in an organisation is dependent on its investment in its Agile teams.
Different organisations - and even different parts of organisations - have different goals and therefore different kinds of Agile fluency in their teams.

Effective targeting of the investment in learning solutions, coaching, mentoring, training and tooling involves identifying the required outcomes, and then performing a gap analysis to measure the distance between where the teams are now and where they need to be to achieve business outcomes.
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The Agile Fluency Model

The Agile Fluency Model created by James Shore and Diana Larsen is a simple but powerful tool that supports cost/benefit analysis for investment planning.

It identifies four fluency 'zones': Focus on Value; Deliver Value; Optimise Value and Optimise for Systems. Some organisations can achieve their objectives with a Focus on Value, applying the basic rules of Scrum, Kanban or some other Agile approach. Others, wanting to deliver to a rhythm dictated by the market, may need to invest in a wholesale skills upgrade to Deliver Value. Yet others may want to include strategic business knowledge in the teams to Optimise Value, and a few might want to incur the wholesale structural and cultural changes needed to Optimise for Systems

Organisations can choose to shoot for the target zone that suits their needs.

Agile Fluency Diagnostics

Emerald Hill's Alan O'Callaghan is trained and licensed to use the Agile Fluency diagnostic tools.

After working with an organisation's management to identify there they want to be, he uses the tools to provide a guided, facilitated, self-assessment that helps teams determine what they need to achieve the desired fluency.

Read Alan O'Callaghan's article 'Are We Nearly There Yet?'

Watch Diana Larsen's 10 minute video Introducing the Agile Fluency Model

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